Creating Routines

Creating Routines

Hello Friend,

I recently discovered that having a routine can make all the difference in my day.

Prior to having routines I struggled with why my days felt so unproductive. As a task oriented person I tend to quantify my day by the tasks I completed. So I asked why was not I feeling fulfilled?

In comes routines and how they help me live my best life and feel fulfilled. If you are like most of us you may be feeling that you don’t have time to add a routine to your crazy life. I would like you to think about your day. Do you feel fulfilled? Are you doing what is important or just meaningless tasks every day? And lastly what do you have to lose by trying a routine?

If you are open to a routine I would suggest the below items be on them. Morning and evening routines will be different for each person, but I have found that by having each section below I personally have felt like I am living my best.

  • Do a small chore: this helps to break up the chores throughout the week and not feel overwhelmed on the weekend to get everything done.
  • Prepare for the next day: laying out your cloths the next day, prepping your meal for the next morning. Preparing for the next day makes your morning that much less stressful.
  • Do something for your body: take a bath, do a quick workout, drink water, take time to stretch, do some yoga, anything you can think of that will help your body.
  • Enrich your Mind: Read a chapter of a book, read an article, meditate, listen to a podcast. Enriching your mind daily can help you feel more in touch with yourself and the world.
  • Take time to appreciate a loved one: Cuddle with a significant other and/or pet, call a loved one, write a love letter. In our busy lives it is so easy to forget the most important people in our life, this allows you to take a break and appreciate the people in your life.
  • Feed the heart/soul: Listen to music, journal, draw. When we have a creative outlet we tend to be less stressed.

I usually only do one thing from each category for my morning and evening routine. Below is my routine


  • Wake Up
  • Read a page from a book
  • Drink water throughout the morning routine
  • Start some music
  • Make the bed
  • Feed the pups
  • Empty the dish washer
  • Get dressed
  • Pack my lunch (I meal prep on the weekends)
  • Put the dogs away and head out for the day


  • Finish loading the dishwasher and start them
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Do a small chore such as dusting or putting away laundry
  • Set out cloths for the next day
  • Wash my face and take my vitamins
  • Read a couple of chapters in a book
  • Journal or write my gratitude list for the day
  • Cuddle with my love
  • Brush teeth
  • Stretch
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Bedtime

I hope you take the time to come up with a routine that works best for you and helps you feel fulfilled. Do you have a routine? Is there anything I missed that you think would be a great thing to add?

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