What I Learned 6 Months Into Minimalism

What I Learned 6 Months Into Minimalism

I started my minimalism journey in April 2018. I had just finished my Bachelors Degree which took up so much of my time I didn’t realize how completely cluttered my mind and house had gotten.

These are the things that I learned over the past 6 months

Minimalism is different for everyone and looks different for everyone. It is not a certain amount of clothes or living with only 100 things unless that is what you want it to be.

I was drawn most to this quote and it made me realize I wanted to live a life that focused on what is important and get rid of the rest.

How I started Decluttering my House

  • Make an action plan on how best to tackle the clutter
  • Create four piles: Garbage, Donate, Relocate, and Keep
  • Start Small such as a junk drawer. When we see immediate results we tend to feel motivated to continue on the task
  • Set a timer, when we have a timer we spend less time talking our self into keeping the item
  • Declutter a category at a time
  • Organize after you declutter, that means you should not go out and buy containers to organize items until you have decluttered your home.
  • You will end up going through categories a couple of times if you are not honest with yourself
    • If you do this it is more than okay! This is a journey and sometimes we need to declutter other areas of the house before returning to a category to review again. If you are on this journey you are already making a big impact in your life so take time to forgive yourself if you do have to go through a category again because you are learning and growing with each step.
  • Save the sentimental items for last as you will have learned much on your journey and more willing and able to tackle these items later in your journey
  • Keep reviewing your categories, if it is not working for you, readjust
  • You can’t declutter for everyone in your family if they are not on board, so only declutter communal areas and your own items.
  • Set an example of what a decluttered area looks like
  • If a family member is not on board you can suggest the hanger method of reversing the hanger and if they have not worn the item in 12 months then they donate that item. This is a simple way to see what you are wearing if you don’t want to declutter your clothing all at once

The main thing I learned in my first 6 months of minimalism is to start somewhere. It’s normal and expected to not be perfect because you are learning a new life style. Be patient and compassionate with yourself on this journey. More to come on this subject later on.

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