Hygge and Cozy Minimalism: My Journey

Hygge and Cozy Minimalism: My Journey

A few months into my minimalism journey I decided to start focusing more on what life style I wanted after the decluttering process. During this time I read many articles on minimalism including each type that is practiced and I discovered the concept of Hygge [hoo ga] and “Cozy Minimalism” .

Hygge is a Danish word meaning coziness. It is a feeling of closeness, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and making ordinary life more meaningful and beautiful. I had been practicing this concept every fall without realizing it by reading my favorite book series and drinking tea each Sunday.

“Cozy Minimalism” is a type of minimalism that includes having just the right amount of items in your home and creates a unique style.

These concept transformed my minimalism journey because it helped me realize minimalism is more about what I wanted in my life instead of the absence of objects. They consisted of non-cluttered places with an emphasis on creating an environment that is both cozy and helps us focus on what is important. As each person has different ideas of what adds value to their lives it will look different for every person.

With these concepts I was able visualize what a home without clutter truly looks like for me and creating my own style. The first step to creating your own style is writing down your vision. This needs to be specific and should include a portion that is about what you want for yourself.

My vision for my home is “My space is completely in order and I’m only surrounded by things I love and use. There is plenty of blank space and I have just the right amount of items. Each item is carefully selected and cared for and has “a home”. All flat surfaces are clear of everything but necessities of beauty. I will strive to be happy and in tune with myself, my needs, and my wants.”

With these new concepts I decided to purchase some items that I felt added value to my life, items I would use, and ones that I would not consider clutter. I bought some candles to use and plants to brighten up the house. I also placed some twinkle lights in my book shelves to enjoy my reading room even more.

Hygge also helped me by changing other aspects of my life. I started to light my candles often and use my favorite glass for every drink instead of just special occasions. I introduced a new habit of sitting on the porch as the weather sees fit to enjoy my morning and evening for every season. I also made an effort to prioritize time for the people I love and the activities I love to do.

Hygge and Cozy Minimalism have completely transformed my life and my home. When I enter my home I now feel a relief and coziness that was not there before. These concepts helped me find ways to spend my time more wisely and enjoy the life I live fully.

I hope you are able to find the right minimalism type for you and maybe incorporate Hygge in your daily life.

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