Gratitude Journal: What it is

Gratitude Journal: What it is

A gratitude journal is a diary where you write down at least 10 things that you are grateful for that happened during the the day. The items on your list will most likely change daily with the waves of life. I would suggest either using a notebook or there are journal apps you can buy. Personally I use with my iPad and iPen.

I realize that 10 items that you are grateful for to write down can seem difficult but I encourage you to try this practice daily for 3 week. Every evening write down 10 things you are grateful for. This can be added in an evening routine or if you don’t have an evening routine yet this may be a great first practice.

The first couple of days you may struggle coming up with 10 items to be grateful for, which is completely normal. Make sure you go into this practice with an open mind and willingness to learn. Regardless of what kind of day you had try focusing on what to be thankful for in that day.

For the first week you may start to pay attention to your surroundings and thinking more about things in your day to add to your gratitude journal. By week 3 you have most likely created a habit of writing in your gratitude journal, and no longer counting the items.

Focusing on the good in each day will help you see that your life is not bad, your day is not even bad, but instead it was a bad moment or situation and it most likely doesn’t deserve the best of your energy. When we focus on the good parts you start to see that there is something good in every day. And that good deserves your attention far more than the bad. This will help you see that we get to decide what kind of day we have. Your day can start over at any time and by focusing on the things we are grateful for you will create a habit of seeing the good and creating the good.

I hope you enjoy this 3 week challenge and that you start to see that we are the creators of our life and our happiness. Be sure to share your experience below.

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