Declutter Instead of Organizing

Declutter Instead of Organizing

How often have you come home after a long day at work just to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the mess. Whether you end up cleaning the mess or not you will most likely feel frustrated about your day or even your life.

Now imagine you come home and everything is tidy and the few items that are out are far more manageable.

Living with less can at first feel like we are giving up what makes life fun. We live in a world of consumerism where we are inundated with images of bigger and better stuff. We are shown thousands of organizational supplies and how if we only had storage containers with color coordinated drawers we would feel better about our stuff. And at the end of the day you still can’t seem to find that one needle in the organizational hay stack.

I know that the organizational drawers are really pretty and we have all purchased at least one in our lifetime. The majority of the time they end up just being more clutter. So before you go and buy all the containers that will surely help your mind feel more organized try getting rid of your items first. Really take a look at the items you own and are trying to organize. Ask yourself will I actually use this or am I just hiding this away to deal with later. And if it is an item you love is storing it away showing how much you love it.

One of the biggest things I see in our society is that we make the bigger and better stuff mean we are successful. At times we tie our happiness into what we own. And at first we are happy with our purchase, but then you have to deal with the rent it pays in your life. We now have to store it, clean it, and see it. For the items that pay their rent in beauty or usefulness the rent seems like a very good thing. But that is only a fraction of what we usually own. So many of the things we own don’t actually add value to your life and if they can’t pay the rent then we should kick them out. Obviously I am being a bit poetic but that is essentially what decluttering is. Getting rid of the non-essentials.

Minimizing your external items clears the way to minimize the internal clutter we have. Cleaning alone will take significantly less time with less stuff. Even every day task like getting dressed take longer with more options and will improve once you get them down to the essentials.

Each section of your home that has more items than you can manage or even enjoy is a reflection on your mind. When we declutter and not just organize our external objects we start to realize that it was distracting us from the the things we enjoy. Because you spend less time on your items you can spend time doing what you want to do.

Once you start to declutter you will see that when we only have what we use and love we are able to focus on more important things. Living with less means we are living more intentionally and will give you more time and money for the things you enjoy. Minimizing our physical items helps us enjoy the people we have in our lives and provides more time, eneregy, and money on the things that matter most to use. Decluttering is not about not owning stuff, it’s about stuff not owning you and owning the items we own intentionally. 

So before you decide to organize your stuff take the time to declutter your items and decide if it is really paying it’s rent.

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