10 Ways to Add Hygge to Your Summer

10 Ways to Add Hygge to Your Summer

As the official start of summer was couple of weeks ago now is a great reminder on how to be intentionally this season. Summer can be fun in the sun, or too hot to handle and personally was my least favorite season with the only saving grace of central air. Once I discovered the concept of Hygge I knew that this was what I was missing in order to make my summer more enjoyable.

Hygge is the danish concept of creating contentment and well being and is usually associated with coziness. It is not just about candles and warm blankets but about a life style of living intentionally, being present, enjoying great company, and the little things in life.

Autumn will always be favorite season and is a perfect example of Hygge but it is important to enjoy each season and what they bring. By adding a few meaningful activities into my Summer I now enjoy summer as much as the other seasons.

Here are a few ways to add Hygge this summer.

  1. Enjoy a cold beverage in your favorite glass
  2. Light candles around the house for a nice ambiance
  3. Have breakfast outside and enjoy the weather before it heats up
  4. If the weather isn’t too hot take a walk on your lunch break
  5. Spend time in the evenings sitting outside enjoying the cool down
  6. Become more present while running errands by turning off the tunes for a few minutes
  7. Wear clothes you love that make me feel good and keep you cool
  8. Enjoy a bonfire or a camp fire
  9. Look up at the clear night sky and the stars
  10. Enjoy the season for what it is and find activities you can only do in Summer ie: plan a picnic, enjoy the farmers markets, go swimming with friends.

I hope you are able to add a few of these to make your summer that much better. Let me know if you have any intentional activities you enjoy this season.

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