Travel Tips As a Minimalist

Travel Tips As a Minimalist

I recently traveled to visit my family in California which is something I did twice a year between ages 7-18. I noticed this time around that I had extra room in my luggage thanks to minimalism. Even if you are not a minimalist traveling lightly can be helpful to your stress and budget.

These are things I have picked up travelling and implemented as a minimalist.

  • Check the Weather for the time you will be there and pack accordingly: Be aware that you may need to pack a jacket if you are someone who gets cold often or you are coming or going to a cooler climate.
  • Commit to how many bags you are bringing: be in the mindset that you do not need to bring more
  • Try to not have to pay for undercarriage baggage and pack instead for a small roller and backpack: This will save you on the undercarriage baggage fee
  • Plan your outfits: This can be as simple as this shirt and these short for one of the days. You can even roll your whole outfit together for easier access.
  • Pack neutral base clothes: jeans can go with anything and so can grey leggings
  • Accessorize your outfits with items that have multiple use: instead of bringing those funky colorful earrings for one outfit, go for something more universal such as a nice neutral earring instead. That way they can match many outfits
  • Do your laundry before the trip: that way you can pack clean clothes and not have a giant pile when you get back
  • Pack snacks for the airport: Airport food is expensive
  • Pack a water bottle if you will have access to clean drinking water: it’s much easier to use a reusable water bottle than to purchase one each time you need it.
  • Bring entertainment for the plane and for on your trip: This can be something as easy as headphones or books, or even a laptop.
  • Pack items a couple of days in advanced: for the items that you can pack in advance do so that way you are not stressing at the last minute. Vacations are for relaxing.
  • For same day items create a list: such as deodorant, chargers, personal items used daily
  • Limit the amount of shoes you bring: bring shoes that have multiple uses as they are usually very bulky
  • Pack medications and a first aid kit with some just in case items: No one wants to have heartburn on their trip or a headache so having a few extra pills can save you tons of money.
  • Pack minimal larger just in case items: Mine usually include hygiene items and a jacket
  • Plan to still do the things you enjoy on your trip: meaning if you value being creative make sure you either plan an activity for that or bring something along for the down times such as drawing pad.
  • Plan activities before you go: if there is something you know you need to do on the trip plan it ahead of time.
  • Think of optional activities: If an activity is optional planning on the trip can get you same day cheaper options such as broadway shows or spa treatments.
  • Be mindful and enjoy your time away! Try not to think about all that is going on at home and really live in the moment.

I hope you enjoy your next trip and can save some money with these tips. Let me know if you have any other travel tips I should add.

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