How Finding My Values Helped Me

How Finding My Values Helped Me



plural noun: values

  1. a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.

In 2017 I was essentially just going day by day and was completely uninspired. I felt like a zombie who was just here for the ride. If this sounds familiar to you then discovering your values and living them daily will help you get out of that rut.

In February 2018 right after I finished school I felt completely lost, I knew I needed a change. So I searched on pinterest for how to declutter my mind. I came across this amazing blog Simply+Fiercely. I had no idea that diving into that blog would lead me down an entirely new path. The second article I read on that site was about values. Her story was so inspiring and eye opening I knew that was what I was missing.

The first thing I noticed in this process was writing down my thoughts was a large part of discovering my values. Here are the question I ask myself to find my values.

  • What were the things in my life that helped me feel the most myself?
  • What is one thing I could do today that would make me happier?
  • What is something I may have enjoyed when I was younger that I can still do? What about that did I enjoy?
  • What is something I enjoy but don’t take the time for? What is the value I see in that activity?
  • When was the last time I was really happy? What was I doing and why was it so valuable?

After writing through these questions I was able to find specific themes and deciphered what I actually value. I realized while writing out my values that we may each have values in common. Do not be discouraged if you have similar values as another person. It is all about what you do with that list that matters and will be even more personal to you. Below were the main themes in what I value most.

  • Growing myself
  • Being creative
  • Learning new things
  • Care for relationships
  • Nourishing myself
  • Freedom
  • Appreciation of life

After writing out my values I have to admit I was only living 1 or 2 of the items on my list daily. It made me realize why I was feeling like I was on autopilot. I started to add 1 or 2 easy items each day for the next several weeks. After I created a habit for the 1 or 2 things I chose I then added more.

After cultivating all of these habits I now do them daily. These are the things I added to my daily life that help me live my values.

  • Growing myself: Journaling, listening to podcasts on self growth, doing a brain dump
  • Being creative: Draw daily, write in my blog, decluttering and organizing items in my home
  • Learning new things: I changed my home internet browser to National Geographic and read an article on the days I am at my personal computer, read a couple of pages of a book daily, and plan days when I read for hours.
  • Care for relationships: Spend 10 minutes of intention time with my husband, chat with a friend or family member via messenger, finding the perfect quote or meme for a loved one
  • Nourishing myself : Exercise, yoga, eating healthy meals, meal prepping, meditation, praying, journaling, relish my alone time.
  • Freedom : Remind myself that the world is my oyster and I am in control of the ride today, review my financial situation in order to be in line with my goals, keep an open mind
  • Appreciation of life : Look up at the stars nightly, pet my dogs, enjoy my family, listening to music, appreciate nature, practicing mindfulness

Each day I do at least one item from each category. I cannot even tell you how much of an impact adding these things to my daily life has increase my quality of living. I am no longer on autopilot, I am able to live more intentionally and I’m not always looking forward to the weekend or Friday because I am being more present now. Practicing my values helps me remember that each day is a gift and I get to chose how I live it, and when I live it intentionally I enjoy life so much more.

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