10 Ways to Add Hygge to Autumn

10 Ways to Add Hygge to Autumn

We are well into autumn with the start of November, and now is a great reminder on how to be intentional this season. Fall tends to be the easiest Hygge season for me as it is a time of year to wear your cozy clothes and watch the leaves fall. Once I discovered the concept of Hygge, I realized I had unknowingly embraced this concept every September by rereading my favorite book series, eating pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and drinking a warm chai tea latte all while cozying up by a window.

Hygge is the Danish concept of creating contentment and well being and is usually associated with coziness. It is not just about candles and warm blankets but about a lifestyle of living intentionally, being present, enjoying great company, and all the little things in life.

It is important to enjoy each season and what they bring by adding a few meaningful activities. Here are a few ways to add Hygge this Autumn.

  1. Enjoy a warm beverage by a window: Take note of how the change in the season affects your neighborhood
  2. Light candles around the house or hang twinkle lights for a nice ambiance: this can set you up for an intentional night
  3. Go to a Fall centered activity with loved ones: Autumn is the time of year for pumpkin patches and fun festivals
  4. If the weather isn’t too cold out, take a walk on your lunch break: moving your body can help you appreciate the hibernation months coming up.
  5. Spend time in the evenings slowing down by cozying up by a fire: Or if you don’t have a fire cozy up with a pet or loved one.
  6. Become more present while running errands by taking stock of each of your senses: What do you taste? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? This practice is a grounding method and helps you stay present.
  7. Declutter your home: Now is the perfect time to declutter what you didn’t wear or use all summer, review your fall attire, and remove items you will no longer use.
  8. Enjoy the tastes of Autumn: Did I hear someone say Pumpkin spice? No, but seriously nutmeg is just the tips of the fall tastes, be sure to embrace them while they are around by adding it to your morning coffee, hot cocoa, or tea.
  9. Jump in the leaves: As adults, we tend to shy away from looking silly, but life is short so bring on the silliness.
  10. Prep your outdoors for colder weather: This could mean planting the items for Spring and pruning your other plants, turning off your water, or making sure your home is well insulated from the cold.

I hope you are able to add a few of these to make your autumn that much better. Let me know if you have any intentional activities you enjoy this season.

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