Word of the Year 2020

Word of the Year 2020

January 2019 was the first time I deliberately selected a word of the year. I found that I liked the concept and realized it created a good purpose for the year to come. My word for 2019 was grace.

2019 has been both incredibly difficult and life-changing as I navigated through hard truths, anxiety, therapy, boundaries, changes, and growth.  I have not only needed grace with myself but with each person in my life. Holding myself to a standard of grace and not perfection was challenging but it allowed me to connect with myself and helped me create a kinder voice.

I r I realized my journey since starting this blog in late 2018 has been about growing with myself. That 2018 was a year of finding myself, 2019 was a year to accept myself, and 2020 to be the year I love myself.

I am ready to take my journey of self-love even further this coming year. I am confident that my word for 2020 will guide me as well as grace guided me this year. My word for 2020 is present.

This year while in therapy I realized that in the past I was often living in my own mind. A world I create with walls I placed to keep myself safe. I realize now those walls were an internal prison designed to keep me from connecting to others and keeping me anywhere but in the present moment.

As I worked through therapy I broke down those walls. I continued to remove them as I worked on myself and finally accepted myself for who I am. Although the walls were a prison I no longer judge myself for them as I understand I was doing my best with the situation I had. Grace was the guide I needed on that journey.

I believe the right word finds you when you need it most. Present found me when I took down those walls and started to live on this plain. I know that I require being present for my next chapter. As scary as being present may seem I am ready for the uncertainty and rawness of what 2020 will bring.

If you have a word for 2020 wearing it daily can be a great way to remind yourself this coming year. Mudlove is a great option for custom bracelets and it’s what I used for 2019. For this coming year, I got a bracelet from The Hollis Co but they have a limited supply of word bracelets. I hope you are able to find an inspiring word for 2020 and if you have be sure to share it.

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