How a Vision Board and Weekly Check-Ins Will Create the Year You Want

How a Vision Board and Weekly Check-Ins Will Create the Year You Want

January 2020 is in full swing and it is a great time to start working on your vision for this year and even the decade. When we have a vision for our life we can create weekly check-ins to see if you are following your vision and how you can adjust for the coming week.

So what is a vision board? A vision board is an accumulation of images that inspire you to be the next version of yourself. They can include images of people, items you wish to have in your life, words that inspire you, and even vacations or art that you want to visit. Traditionally they are made by cutting out images in magazines or printed images on the internet that are pasted to a board. The popular phenomenon and book called The Secret talked about this in-depth as a way to “create your future”. Whether you believe that or not it is a great way to get clear on what you want out of your life and year.

This is the first year I have ever done a vision board. I’m not a big fan of buying magazines which is why it was not appealing to me in the past, but we have amazing technology now and Pinterest so I figured I would give it a try digitally. By keeping it digital I can add to it easily and set it as my background on my tablet for a constant reminder. And with a little cropping, you can just as easily cut specific words out to add to the board.

This is my vision board. My goal for this year is to be present (which is my word of the year) , become an intuitive eater, more self love, cultivating a happy marriage, and my personal growth. Each item on the vision board resonates with who I want to be and what I want out of this year. I would suggest making a vision board if you have not done so yet.

Once you have your vision board completed either digitally or physically I highly suggest you start doing a weekly check-in practice to be done on Sundays. High Performance Habits by Brandon Burchard suggests the check-in practice include the following items.

Weekly assessment

  • Health:
  • Mental and Emotional Well Being:
  • Significant Other:
  • Family:
  • Mission:
  • Experience:
  • Spirit:
  • Finance:
  • Learning:

You will rate each section on a scale of 1-10 and come up with an overall score of 100. The closer you are to 100 means you are living your absolute best life. The goal is not to be at 100 every week, or even for a while, you are human and will have difficult weeks. The goal is instead to work toward having a life you love and being intentional about that life. If you are not at 100 be sure to give yourself grace, it is not a competition, but a way to check in with yourself and create an intention for the coming week. For the lower areas, he suggests creating a plan for the week to increase those areas. For the full practice, I highly suggest reading the book, but you can start with this practice each week to see if you are following your vision for 2020.

I started doing this weekly check in a few weeks ago and I have already noticed a difference in the way I approach each topic. In a short time frame, I have become more intentional in the areas of my life. I was nowhere near 100 and I don’t plan to get there in a set time frame, but the closer I am to it gives me a clear path to who I what to be. My goal right now is to get a 10 on one area by being present and setting my intentions.

I am so excited for what this year has to offer and all the growth that will come from it. I hope you can implement this practice and create a vision for 2020. Let me know if you end up doing that and what you noticed during your weekly check-ins. 

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