10 Ways to add Hygge to Winter

10 Ways to add Hygge to Winter

We are well into Winter with mid-February, and now is a great reminder on how to be intentional this season. I know by this point if you live in a location that has snow you may be ready for Spring, but we still have some time left this season and a few snowstorms to see. This is usually the most difficult time of year for me to enjoy the weather, but I am working on being more intentional overall and have found a few ways to embrace what this season offers.

Hygge is the Danish concept of creating contentment and well being and is usually associated with coziness. It is not just about candles and warm blankets but about a lifestyle of living intentionally, being present, enjoying great company, and all the little things in life.

It is important to enjoy each season and what they bring by adding a few meaningful activities. Here are a few ways to add Hygge this Winter.

  1. Enjoy a warm beverage by a window: Take note of how the change in the season affects your neighborhood
  2. Light candles around the house or hang twinkle lights for a nice ambiance: this can set you up for an intentional night
  3. Go to a winter centered activity with loved ones: Winter is the time of year for building a snowman, snow shoeing, skiing, and sledding.
  4. Get some vitamin D: Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the great outdoors. Try going for a walk around the block and be sure to wear your warmest clothes.
  5. Spend time in the evenings slowing down by cozying up under blankets and chatting with a loved one.
  6. Become more present on your drive by turning off the radio and either taking the time to think or have a meaningful conversation with your passengers.
  7. Declutter your home: Now is a great time to declutter when you are “hybernating” remove items you will no longer use.
  8. Find an indoor track near you for a warmer way to move your body: Take a friend and make it a fun time.
  9. Pick up a hobby: either select an old one you haven’t done in a while or pick a new hobby altogether.
  10. Explore a new place: go to a new restaurant or check out a local museum for a great day of fun.

I hope you are able to add a few of these to make your winter that much better. Let me know if you have any intentional activities you enjoy this season.

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