Morning Pages and Free Template

Morning Pages and Free Template

I’ve talked a few times about morning rhythms and journaling, and over the past few years, my morning rhythm has changed, but a practice that has made life easier each day is journaling.

These days my journaling looks a little different then just a brain dump. I’ve read countless articles, books, and blogs as well as listened to many podcasts and created a journaling practice that helps me by my best self.

Each morning I take time to practice doing my daily pages to set my day up for success.

Page 1: I practice doing a brain dump, and now practice thought work by doing a self coaching model most days. This allows me to practice thought I want to think instead of letting my brain decided how I am going to feel. This practice came from the Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo.

Page 2: Consists of prioritizing my day, a gratitude practice, a reminder for self-care, and a mindset shift.

  • Write down your top 3 priorities for the day: The top 3 priorities for the day is a practice that the most effective people in the world do. It allows for flexibility and a way to ensure you are working on the things that matter to you. It is also an effective way to feel accomplished at the end of the day when you have completed the list.
  • Write down 5 things you are grateful for: Gratitude practices have been shown to increase your happiness by training your brain to find gratitude throughout your day. I write down 5 specific things I am grateful for, usually from the previous day. The last gratitude entry is dedicated to myself as a way to practice self-love daily. I’ve talked about a gratitude practice and journal on the blog.
  • Write down what you are doing today to practice self care: This practice will ensure you are setting time aside for the yourself, even adding 15 minutes of self-care time to your day will help you make yourself a priority.
  • Write down one thing you are excited about for the coming day: This is a practice I picked up recently as a way to get myself to look forward to the day and get my mindset in the right place.

Page 3: I list out my top 10 goals for my life and select the main goal to work on that day that will make all the other goals attainable. This is a common practice by Rachel Hollis who is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur that helps you set the tone for your day and reach your goals in life.

I have been changing up my morning journaling practice for the past 2 years and I finally feel that this practice is creating best self daily. By doing this practice each morning I have set my day up with a decluttered mind, a thought to practice, my priorities set for the day, a reminder to find things to be grateful for, a dedication to self care, an excited mindset, and a goal to keep me motivated. Each of these practices contribute to a life of success. The morning traffic and busyness of everyday life is easier to handle for me because I took care of myself first thing. It is true that you can’t pour from an empty cup and this journaling practice allows me to overflow to every area of my life.

I have created this free handout for you to try this practice. Let me know if you have any question and if you enjoy the handout.

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