Minimalism: 3 years practicing

Minimalism: 3 years practicing

I started my minimalism journey 3 years ago in April 2018. I was transitioning from being a student and felt unsure about what to do with all the free time that was previously taken up by studying. I remember feeling restless and I was looking for a way to declutter my mind to help with my anxiety. Using Pinterest I found an article about declutter thoughts that quickly led me to information about decluttering my physical space. I immediately started to get rid of both unhelpful or unused thoughts and items.

In the past 3 years my family and I have been through many changes, and difficult times. And in the last year we have all experienced a global pandemic leading to a complete change in how we navigate this world. Through all of this minimalism has played a big role in my home. Transitioning to work from home and an “empty nest” in 2020 led me down a path of embracing myself and adjusting my environment to reflect who I am.

Minimalism at it’s most basic level is letting go of the things you no longer love or use. In 3 years I have taken truck loads of unused items for donations and I recently realized that for me, minimalism was all about unbecoming. I was unbecoming who I thought I needed to be, who others wanted me to be, and what society told me to be. I was holding on to these identities and in removing those items I slowly got to know myself. There were times throughout the process that my home was sparse, looked like we were staging our home for sale, and didn’t have very much personality. This was pertinent for me in how I wanted my home to look and feel and it allowed me to find my own style.

In 2020 I began to bring items back into my home. I started with my wardrobe, then my furniture, and then decor that included plants, murals, and art. I am fortunate that I still had a job and was able to work from home with a separate office space. I renovated my office to reflect my ideal work space. I also renovated 2 bathrooms to best reflect my style complete with a tentacle mural. I spray painted a galaxy scene in my pantry, redid my yoga room to reflect my spiritual practice, and put up a plant wall. I am truly fortunate to have had the funds to change my environment so completely, and I am grateful for that.

All of this is to say that I recognize that minimalism is NOT for everyone. However, minimalism can allow you to I remove your own and other’s expectations and embrace your true self. I am truly looking forward to seeing who I become and my space will reflect that change.

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