Judgement Detox the Book and How I Grew Reading It

Judgement Detox the Book and How I Grew Reading It

I am an avid reader and I was recently told that I would benefit from the Libby App. This app helps you set up an eLibrary card so you can check out ebooks and audibles. As I am a fan of personal growth I perused the titles available and the book by Gabrielle Bernstein JUDGMENT DETOX: Release The Beliefs That Hold You Back From Living A Better Life caught my eye. I will be honest and tell you I had never listened to an audible book before, but since I wanted to listen while I worked on projects I thought I would try it. I have to say I am a fan of audible books for doing jobs around the house, but I will still read ebooks when I am focusing on non-productive me time.

Initially this book title caused thoughts of shame. I think we all judge others, but my (recovering) perfectionist thinking is ashamed that I do it so often. Since I have been focusing on my physical and mental health I knew I wanted to give this a book a fair chance.

The book in itself is a guide to help you stop judging and it has practices of audible meditation, EFT tapping, journaling, and prayers to the universe. It is a trail mix of helpful tools to pick and choose on your Judgement Detox journey. Personally journaling and EFT tapping was the most impactful practice while I read this book. Gabby guides you through how to do a tapping practice with 3 separate judgment focuses. You can even go to her website where she has even more free tools to go along with this book.

I started this book focusing on judgements I had regarding old friends, anti-vacers, work acquaintances, and then myself. I know that judgement was not helping me on my path and I realized I often used judgement as an ice breaker while speaking with others. As someone with social anxiety having something to talk about with people is sometimes difficult to find, especially when the only thing we have in common is complaining. Using this book I realized that even the thought I’m not a good conversationalist or that I am awkward was also a judgement. I am constantly thinking about how I come across to other people and judging myself for it. Using this book I am working on these thoughts and I hope to continue this focus.

While listening to this book I decided to stop using social media. With everything that is going on with the world I felt burned out. I am grateful for all the learning opportunities that social media can offer, but I also know that it is a comparison trap. Even if you aren’t comparing the “fitspo” profiles, you are most likely comparing something even as trivial as how often someone posts, or what people are sharing. Personally I want to be in the know about social justice movement, anti-dieting information, mental health awareness, and so much more. But for me it was never enough. I was constantly wondering if I was missing things if I didn’t go through the stories section, even when I muted more than half of them. I also really loved getting to the bottom of my feel on Instagram and having the words “All Caught Up” like some sort of to do list. I have tried the app timers, scheduling time for social media, and even Sunday No Social Media, but for me social media is a judgement and comparison cage. I admire all the individual who don’t get sucked into that cage, but I personally can’t find that balance. The Judgement Detox was exactly what I needed during this transition.

I can confidentially say while listening to this book and practicing the skills I went from judging others constantly and feeling heavy with unhealed areas to having hope and feeling lighter. Each journal and tapping session showed me where to focus and how to heal those parts of me. I really benefitted from the EFT tapping as it improved my anxious thoughts. I had large and small wins and I am grateful for both. One of my favorite things about this book is the reminder or our common humanity. Here are some more of my biggest take aways:

  • We all just want to be happy.
  • We get to decide to keep or get rid of our judgements.
  • Humans naturally judge things to ensure our safety.
  • Judgement is often a reflection of ourselves: we have an unhealed part of us that is coming out as judgement.
  • Even if the judgement seems small it can reveal to us what needs to be explored and healed.
  • We will most likely still judge others after the detox, but the tools provided are always available to you.
  • Forgiveness is having compassion and human understanding: It is not what the Christian faith portrayed.
  • Self compassion is a life long practice.
  • You are worth the work!

I really enjoyed the Judgement Detox journey and I encourage you to give it a chance. If you don’t, I hope you at least download the Libby app because knowledge is power and it’s a free resource.

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